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Live your dream!

Live your dream! Life is too short not to. We are living our own dream in Central America, and we live and work where you will be spending your holiday. Therefore we do not need to charge you high office expenses from an office in your own country. Your contact person before and during your trip will always be someone who speaks your language.
In Costa Rica our prices are the same as published on the hotel websites, and we can even give you a discount on your rental car! In Nicaragua, Panama and Guatemala we will charge a small amount of service costs and will arrange tailor made transport.

During your holiday Edventure would like to introduce you to several local projects in Central America, but above all we hope you experience the holiday of your dreams!



Choose your trip!

Edventure will give you 3 different options to choice your perfect holiday:

1. Compose your own trip. Start with a ‘Welcome to’ package of your choice and continue your travels with the other 5 themes.

2. Choose one of our Edventures.

3. And of course we can help you to design a tailor made Edventure.

For more information, please contact us via or call +506 22730981. 

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